Welcome to Rock Countdown!

Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple, BBC fame

Me with the legend that is Glenn Hughes

Welcome to my Rock Countdown blog.  My name is Paul Smith and I have a very keen interest in music.  Mainly rock music.  Mainly classic rock for that matter, and the purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts on the best and worst in all aspects of music in the form of a countdown or a top 10, top 50 etc – whatever I feel like at the time really!

Anyway, my musical influences are classic rock bands like Led Zepellin, The Ramones, Deep Purple, Rainbow, The Kinks and AC/DC to name but a few, but have also flirted with many genres such as hip hop, garage, r&b, disco, country, folk, jazz and even some cheesy pop music.  So, I am quite broad-minded when it comes to music!  Saying that, I will be concentrating on the classic rock side of the musical industry to start off, as that’s what I am comfortable with and to be honest, have a wider knowledge of.

You readers and fellow bloggers won’t always agree with what I have to say, but it would be quite boring if you did to be honest!  So any feedback and opinions are greatly appreciated!

I am going to start off with a biggie – I have thought long and hard about this……this is my top 250 rock albums of all time….starting with the countdown from 250 – 201.

Let there be ROCK….


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