Album review : Little Immaculate White Fox by Pearl

Little Immaculate White Fox by Pearl

Whilst listening to a free rock cd in Classic Rock Magazine, I came across a track that took my breath away.  Unfortunately, as I had thrown away the cd sleeve, I didn’t actually know what the song was called or who it was by.

After about 2 weeks I finally find out the song was called ‘Broken White’ and the band were called Pearl…..i hope….I bought their album ‘Little Immaculate White Fox’.   Random name for an album, yes, but what does that matter?  At this point, I still didn’t know if it was the right album.  Please, please be the one…

1.  Rock Child – I don’t care if this is the album I was after – I love this song!  From the opening riff, it hooks you – stunning opening track.  8/10.

2.  Nutbush City Limits – Wow, am loving this album already.  Am sure I have heard this song before tho…..8/10.

3.  Broken White – Ok, the moment of truth……GET IN!  It is the song that made me buy the album.  Genius.  9/10.

4.  Check Out Charlie – Great riffs, stunning locals, bad bass and a very dirty, grungy feel to Charlie.  Good song mind.  7/10.

5.  Mama – A slower, more melodic song.  This is all about the voice of lead singer Pearl (ah, so that’s where they got the band name from!).  7/10.

6.  My Heart isn’t in it – Another slower, bluesy number (number?!?  I sound like my dad….) from the gang.  Gritty and soulful.  Definitely a grower.  7/10.

7.  Nobody – Pearl Adan’s voice is addictive and very sexy…unfortunately that is all I really listen to, the song just doesn’t grab me.  Maybe time will change my mind…5/10.

8.  Worth Defending – Back to the blues, if a touch country!  I prefer the harder tunes at the start.  6/10.

9.  Lovepyre – Have no idea what the title means, anybody help?  Doesn’t matter, it’s a belter!  The opening guitar riff is first class, and the catchy lyrics and chorus make this one to remember.  7/10.

10. W***e – I genuinely don’t know what to make of w***e.  It’s a song that you can’t help but nod your head along to, but there is something missing.  6/10.

11 – Anything – Remember when I said I preferred the heavier rock stuff?  Well, Anything is different.  A slow, melodic song that has plenty of heart and have a feeling that the lyrics really mean something.  A hint of Janis Joplin maybe?  8/10.

Overall, Little Immaculate White Fox is a very good album and one that is definitely worth a look.  the opening 4 tracks alone will be enough to keep you rocking for a while, and although the mid section of the album just seems to plod along, it regains itself at the end.

Official Rock Countdown rating – 7/10.  Buy or download the album from


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