Top 250 rock albums : Number 20

T.N.T by AC/DC

20 – T.N.T – AC/DC
DC’s first album ‘T.N.T’ is pure rock ‘n’ roll, and a worthy entry into the top 20.  From the legendary opening of ‘It’s a long way to the top’, which was used in the Jack Black film ‘School of Rock’ to the cover of Chuck Berry’s ‘School Days’, it is a rock and roll treat and one of the greatest debut albums of all time.

In my opinion, this is Bon Scott at his best, especially in the blistering ‘Rocker’. Unfortunately, this was one of the last DC albums I bought…..mistake.

Track listing:
1.  It’s a long way to the top (if you wanna rock ‘n’ roll)
2.  Rock ‘n’ roll singer
3.  The Jack
4.  Live wire
5.  T.N.T
6.  Rocker
7.  Can i sit next to your girl?
8.  High voltage
9.  School days

Best song on the album?  Got to be Rocker.  A true rock ‘n’ roll classic….


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