Top 250 rock albums : Number 13

Word Gets Around by Stereophonics

13 – Word gets around – STEREOPHONICS
One of the first albums I truly loved back in my teens.  the fact they were also Welsh did help at the time, but ‘Word gets around’ is in the top 20 on merit.  Every song means something, and Kelly Jones sings from the heart.  they never quite live up to this album.

THE most underrated album in a long, long time.

Track listing:
1.  A thousand trees
2.  Looks like chaplin
3.  More life in a tramps vest
4.  Local boy in the photograph
5.  Traffic
6.  Not up to you
7.  Check my eyelids for holes
8.  Same size feet
9.  Too many sandwiches
10. Goldfish bowl
11. Billy Daveys daughter

Best song on the album?  hmmmmm, very tough…….Same size feet…..just.


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