Top 250 rock albums : Number 10 – Definitely Maybe

Definitely Maybe by Oasis

We are into the top 10.  Now it gets interesting….these are the top 10 greatest rock albums of all time (IMO).  I hope you enjoy…

10.  Definitely Maybe – OASIS

The first album I actually loved.  Definitely Maybe is the reason my love for music started, when you are a 14 year old boy and all this rubbish cheesy pop and dance music is affecting your brain, you don’t really understand what rock ‘n’ roll is all about.  Then came Oasis….

The opening track, Rock ‘n’ Roll Star, has you playing air guitar, nodding your head and singing on the top of your voice in front of the mirror, pretending you are on stage in front of thousdands of screaming girls……nothing has changed there then!

Definitely Maybe included some ingenius songs that will be remembered for a long, long time.  ‘Supersonic’, ‘Live Forever’ and ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ spring to mind.  Even the weaker songs would be other bands better songs.  That says it all about this album.

Will people still be talking about Oasis in 30 years time like we are with The Beatles, Led Zep and the Stones?  Possibly.  I hope so.  Well deserved entry into top 10.

1.  Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
2.  Shakermaker
3.  Live Forever
4.  Up in the Sky
5.  Columbia
6.  Supersonic
7.  Bring it on Down
8.  Cigarettes and Alcohol
9.  Digsy’s Dinner
10. Slide Away
11. Married with Children

If I am forced into picking a best track…….Supersonic.

 for only £4.99!


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