Top 250 rock albums : The winner

Back in Black by AC/DC

So, what is the greatest rock album of all time?  Well, do you know what the 2nd biggest worldwide selling album of all time is?  Only 2nd to Michael Jackson’s Thriller?  No?  Then I will tell you.  This might come as a surprise to you…..are you ready…?

Back in Black by AC/DC.

It’s not a surprise to me, as Back in Black is THE best album that has ever been released.  Every song has something that sets it apart from it’s predecessors.  As soon as the bells kick in on the opening track Hells Bells you know it’s gonna be a cracker.  The title track Back in Black, Shoot to Thrill, Let me put my love into you and What do you do for money, honey?  are classics in their own right, however, it’s Givin’ the Dog a Bone and the ingenious You Shook Me All Night Long that turn Back in Black from a contender into the world champion.


I see Back in Back as a tribute, of sorts, to the late, great Bon Scott who tragically died before the making of this album, and you can tell in some of the lyrics especially Back in Black and Givin’ the Dog a Bone that this would right up Scott’s street.  Now, his replacement Brian Johnson will never quite live up to the former Aussie front man, but he is a more than capable replacement and his very first album with DC is by far his best vocals.

All in all, a quite magnificent album and a well worthy winner of the title ‘greatest rock album of all time’.  Respect.


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