Top 100 rock vocalists : 90 – 81



Ok let’s speed this up a bit…

  90.  Thom York (Radiohead)

Ok he may be a bit creepy looking, but that doesn’t take anything away from the incredible, unique talents of the Radiohead lead singer.  His vocals on Paranoid Android and Creep are stunning.

  89.  Brad Delp (Boston)

Probably not a very well-known name if you are not into rock music, but you will all have heard of his band, Boston.  More than a feeling  is classic rock song and Boston’s first album was one of the biggest selling debut albums of all time in the US.  Respect Mr. Delp.

  88.  Toy Caldwell (The Marshal Tucker Band)

One of the least well known vocalists on the list, but Toy Caldwell is a southern rock singer from a band called The Marshal Tucker Band – check them out!

  87.  Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple / Rainbow)

Former Deep Purple and Rainbow singer isn’t a patch on fellow DP singers but still deserves a place in the RC.

  86.  Joe Strummer (The Clash)

He Rocked the Casbah and didn’t know where to stay or go.  The Clash singer was actually very underrated….

  85.  Van Morrison

Probably should be higher in the list.  Don’t know why he isn’t to be honest….

  84.  Joe Elliott (Def Leppard)

Def Leppard were huge in the 80’s and they seem to have made a massive comeback.  Go help us.  However Elliott’s vocals Hysteria are pretty good actually.

  83.  Greg Halfod (Judas Priest)

Judas Priest were breaking the law (see what I done there?) when they were accused of having subliminal messages in one of their songs.  Utter nonsense (the accusations, not the songs).

  82.  Gwen Stefani (No Doubt, solo)

Not only is she hot and have a washboard stomach, but boy she can actually sing as well!

  81.  Noel Gallagher (Oasis)

Oasis may have just split up, but his legend lives on.  Not the greatest voice in the world but his voice just seems to fit.


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