Top 100 rock vocalists : 50 – 41

  50.  Liam Gallagher (Oasis, Beady Eye)

The presence he commands on stage is second to none.  Not the greatest singer as such, but a rock vocalist top 100 would be a lesser place without Liam.

  49.  Frank Zappa (Mothers of Invention)

Weirdly wonderful.  That is all.  I don’t have to justify it, ok?


  48.  Meatloaf

Oh dear.  This may cause some controversy…….he may not look the part, but you cannot help sing to every word of Bat out of hell and I would do anything for love……..admit it.


  47.  Paul Stanley (Kiss)

Somebody once said “no-one likes Kiss”.  Well, I do.  In fact, I really like them, and I love the vocals of Paul Stanley – especially on Forever, Love Gun, Beth and God gave rock and roll to you.

  46.  Alice Cooper

After recently witnessing Alice Cooper at Download Festival 2011 I have found a new respect for the hellraiser.  His presence on stage was quite remarkable and that’s exactly what you need from a front man.  Is he a front man?  Or is he a solo artist?  Answers on a postcard please….

  45.  Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Despite his recently formed facial hair which quite frankly looks ridiculous, Kiedis still remains one of the most recognisable lead singers of the last 20-odd years.  By the Way and Califofnication have been the band’s top albums to date, but Kiedis excels himself on Under the Bridge.

  44.  Brandon Flowers (The Killers)

Very tough to separate Kiedis and Flowers in my opinion, and having seen them both live I would come to the conclusion that Kiedis has more presence but Flowers has the slightly better voice.  But only just…

 43.  David Lee Roth (Mammoth, Van Halen, Cinderella)

Legendary Van Halen singer, Roth needs no introduction.  Nor does he need justification on being here.  Gene Simmonds had hoped to recruit him for Kiss, but ended up joining Van Halen instead as he had previous links with Eddie and Alex with a band called Mammoth.  This was the best decision he ever made, surely?

 42.  Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones)

Now, I am sure a lot of you would place the Rolling Stones catalyst higher than #43.  He certainly has the stage presence, he certainly has the swagger which every lead singer should have, but has he got the voice?  I am not so sure….

 41.  David Coverdale (Deep Purple, Whitesnake)

Lead singer with Deep Purple before he left and created Whitesnake.  He probably had more success with the latter, and they are still going strong today with a UK tour.  A great rock vocalist, but did he beat other DP singers.  You will have to wait and find out….


2 comments on “Top 100 rock vocalists : 50 – 41

  1. Some bolters and some shockers in here…David Coverdale? He would be in my top ten, and I think voice-wise he is as good a singer as Purple have had while Gillan and Dio were better lyrically. I know you’re a fan of RJD so would pick you to palce him well above Gillan, Hughes, JLT and others that have graced the stage with DP. The sparks shall fly once we enter top 25…

  2. Coverdale? Never. Great singer and a superb front man but never in a million years is he top 10 material. Gillan will always be better than him, i’m afraid. Yes I am a big Dio fan, but am also a big Gillan fan…….

    Look forward to it 😉

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