Top 100 rock vocalists : 2 Ian Gillan

2.  Ian Gillan (Deep Purple)
After watching countless live dvd’s and clips on YouTube , and then finally seeing the master live in Birmingham, I have come to the conclusion that Gillan is an absolute legend.  I always knew that but seeing him live just re-iterated this fact…..the guy didn’t miss one note!  And he is in his 60’s!  He hasn’t quite got the mobility and stage presence he once had but who cares?  He blew me away…..from the opening track Highway Star through classics such as Black Knight, Woman from Tokyo and of course Smoke on the Water it was 2 hours of pure rock and roll heaven.

We bow in your presence Mr Gillan….


2 comments on “Top 100 rock vocalists : 2 Ian Gillan

  1. No bigger fan of DP than me mate, but I preferred Coverdale over Gillan. Seems harsh considering what was achieved when Gillan was with MkII, but does it make him a better singer? Think of what he did solo or (tragically) what he did when he was with Sab. Fail. Whereas Coverdale crossed over into a new band, and semi-genre with ease and success.
    Sorry Mr G, have seen you live a few times myself, have most of your albums and DVDs, but thats more through loyalty rather than artistic appreciation. Credit where credit due, you’re a fifth of one of the best bands of all time, but as much as you were, you were expendable…Blackmore wasn’t.

    • I can’t quite believe you think Coverdale was better than Gillian! Astonishing! Granted Gillan and Sabbath didn’t work well, but neither did Dio (compared to Ozzy anyway). Gillan’s solo stuff is hugely underrated, and Whitesnake hugely overrated! Boring 80’s cheesy rock. Nothing different to all the other “hair rock” bands. Tragically, Rainbow started to go down this route also…

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