Top 100 rock vocalists : And the winner is…….

We are finally here at the number 1 spot, after a long, hard slog, a lot of planning, changing minds and many debates I can finally announce the top rock vocalist of all time.  The cream of the crop, the level by which all other rock vocalists should aspire to.  The one, the only, the greatest, the voice of rock and roll…….

All hail Mr Robert Plant.


2 comments on “Top 100 rock vocalists : And the winner is…….

  1. Predictable. As with #2, Coverdale, I believe, had more than Plant, as in fact did Gillan. If he hadn’t been part of the “in crowd’ that was Zep, would he have been as lauded by all? I don’t think so. No Zep, no Plant. Presonally I believe the likes of Ozzy, Halford, Dickinson, Dio, and even Rob Thomas have ‘more’ in the overall package, but they weren’t lucky enough to be part of the supposed greatest band of all. “Stairway to Heaven” defined them (even despite their own reservations) and made them into “bests” (again where as good as he is, Page doesn’t hold a light to other axemen – only Bonham can really be considered a ‘best’).

    • I believe Zep had the greatest drummer, greatest bassist and the greatest singer which made them the supergroup they are (and I am not overly fussed on them!) Page was up there in the top 10 for sure. If we are talking the overall package then Freddie Mercury would beat them all? Halford?? Um, no. Plants vocals, charisma, stage presence are second to none…..

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