Track of the week – The Spirit of Jazz by The Gaslight Anthem


Top 100 rock vocalists : 12 Kelly Jones

12.  Kelly Jones

Do I really think Kelly Jones is that good?  Absolutely.  Am I biased because he is Welsh?  Possibly, but I don’t think so.  He probably has the most distinctive, instantly recognizable voice of the last 20 years.  His croaky, yet utterly mesmerizing vocals take you on a journey, no, on HIS journey, and you are with him all the way through each and every album.  Tracks to check out – I stopped to fill my car up, Just Looking, Since I told you it’s over and Dakota.

Top 100 rock vocalists : 13 Janis Joplin

13.  Janis Joplin

The top lady in the countdown is at #13 with the sensational Janis Joplin.  Quite simply, she has a breathtaking voice.  Have a listen to Mercedes Benz, Try (a little bit harder), Me and Bobby McGee and To Love Somebody and try to disagree.

Top 100 rock vocalists : 14 Paul McCartney

14.  Paul McCartney (The Beatles, Wings, Solo)

Watching McCartney in the Millenium Stadium with my dad reminded me of the word legend, and if you looked up the word legend in the dictionary there would be a picture of Paul McCartney there.  How many other performers can still sell out massive stadiums nearly 50 years after they first made an appearance?  Not many.  Paul McCartney certainly can, and has.

The former Beatle and Wing still blasts out classic hits such as Something, Jet, Let em in, The Long and winding road  to name a few without missing a note (vocally, on he guitar and piano) and the tributes to Lennon and Harrison brought more than a tear to the eye.

Top 100 rock vocalists : 15 Paul Weller

15 – Paul Weller (The Style Council, The Jam, solo)

The ‘Modfather’ has been around for nearly 40 years and still can cut it with the best of them.  From early pop rock The Style Council, mod-tastic The Jam and solo projects, Weller has been at the forefront of popular rock for a large majority of that time.  A true heavyweight in rock vocalists and a very respectable #15 for the man who brought you Going Underground, Shout to the Top, Wild Wood, That’s Entertainment and of course, A Town Called Malice.

Splits and reforms, a travesty to music? Bye bye Westlife…

Westlife - all wearing the same suit, shock horror!

The last few weeks have been a travesty for music fans everywhere.  Firstly, the magnificent R.E.M announced that they were calling it a day after 31 glorious years at the top (Automatic for the people is still a sensational album by the way).  Oasis have also called it a day, then the Stone Roses announced that they are going to be reforming.  Why?  They were rubbish when that genre of music was “cool”, are they going to be any better now?  Will they still have a loyal fan base?  I F.E.A.R not.  Get it?

Then even more tragic was the tragic announcement that Westlife are to split.  I hear the sobs from here.  I am distraught that never again will I see 4 or 5 grown men with greasy hair and a cheeky smile, sitting on stools and standing at the key change (you all know what I mean, don’t deny it).  Equally distraught I am that I will never again hear the Irish boys (not that I have anything against the Irish you understand) sing about flying without wings or a stupid rose.  Never again will I see them all dressed in exactly the same  suits.  Never again will we want to slap one of them in the face each time they wink at the camera.  Goodbye Westlife and thanks for the memories……

Now if JLS, One Direction, McBusted, The Wanted and that Bieber child can bugger off I will be a happy man.

p.s.  F.E.A.R was a song by Stone Roses singer, Ian Brown.  The only good thing they or he has ever done.

p.p.s.  If Westlife re-form in a few years I will chop my ears off…..

p.p.p.s. I am not even bothering to mention Steps reforming.  Just can’t bring myself to do it.