Top 20 songs by Creedence Clearwater Revival (Top 10)

Creedence Clearwater Revival.  One of the, if not the, greatest American bands of all time.  So, thought I would do a new feature of the top 20 of their greatest ever songs across all of their albums Bayo Country, Cosmo’s Factory, CCR, Green RIver, Mardi Gras, Pendulum & Willy and the Poor Boys.

10 The Midnight Special

 Willy and the Poor Boys

9 Good Golly Miss Molly

 Bayo Country

8 Proud Mary

 Bayo Country

7 Fortunate Son
 Willy and the Poor Boys


6 Down On The Corner
 Willy and the Poor Boys

5 Bad Moon Rising

 Green River

4 It Came Out Of The Sky

 Willy and the Poor Boys

3 Lodi

 Green River


2 Have You Ever Seen The Rain

1 Travellin’ Band

 Cosmo’s Factory


Top 250 rock albums : Number 6 – Willy and the Poor Boys

Willy and the Poor Boys by CCR

6.  Willy and the Poor Boys – Creedence Clearwater Revival

As you may have already gathered, CCR are one of my favourite bands and Willy and the Poor Boys epitomises everything that CCR are about.

There is everything on this album from pure swamp rock like ‘Cotton Fields’ to rock ‘n’ roll classics like ‘Fortunate Son’ and ‘It came out of the sky’ plus a couple of weird and wonderful tracks in which you are not too sure what genre they come under (the closing track ‘Effigy’ comes to mind).

Willy and the Poor Boys is up there with the greatest, and if you are not a CCR fan, then this would be the album to get you hooked.

Track list:
1.    Down on the Corner
2.    It Came out of the Sky
3.    Cotton Fields
4.    Poorboy Shuffle
5.    Feelin’ Blue
6.    Fortunate Son
7.    Don’t Look Now
8.    The Midnight Special
9.    Side o’ the Road
10.    Effigy

What is the best track on the album?  Well, the obvious choice would be ‘Fortunate Son’ but for me ‘It Came out of the Sky’ really gets me rockin’….

Southern rock, from alabama to mississippi via southern california….

The Band

Who is the best southern rock band of all time?  This is a question that has been talked about for a long, long time so I thought I would pipe up with my opinion.

By the way, by southern rock I am talking american southern rock.  There are many bands over the course of time who would qualify for this accolade, but the majority were rocking in the 60’s and 70’s.  There are very few bands around now with the southern swagger of the ir predecessors.

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Anyway, enough waffling.  My first nominations are The Band.  Robbie Robertson and co play an eclectic mix of country, folk, jazz and hillbilly music.  Albums “Music from Big Pink” and “The Band” made it onto the rock ‘n’ roll hall of fame, and classic songs such as “The night they drove old dixie down” and “The weight” will always confirm The Band in the legend ranks.

My second nominations are Creedence Clearwater Revival.  Bruce Willis revealed in Die Hard that they are the greatest band of all time.  Maybe he was slightly exaggerating, but I see where he is coming from.  CCR have a plethora of genius albums such as ‘Green River’, ‘Willy and the Poor Boys’ and the self titled ‘CCR’.

The Marshall Tucker Band

The Marshall Tucker BandNomination number three are The Marshal Tucker Band.  Now you may not have heard of them, but they are quite possibly the best band you have never heard of.  I will let you make your own mind up – check out their self titled album, ‘The Marshal Tucker Band’ and ‘Searching for a Rainbow’.

Onto number four…’s Lynryd Skynryd.  Legends of southern rock, Skynryd had to be in this list.  ‘Freebird’, ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ and ‘Poison Whisky’ are the obvious classics but it’s the broken down ‘Mississippi Kid’ that made me want to pick up my Les Paul again.

Lynyrd Skynyrd

The final nominees are Buffalo Springfield.  Again, not a band that is greatly recognised, but a brilliant one all the same – The first album ‘Buffalo Springfield’ is by far the best….

Those are the five nominations.  Come back soon to check out the winner…..

Buffalo Springfield

Top 250 rock albums : 50 – 21

Into the top 50….

Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-erd by Lynryd Skynryd

50 – Pronounced leh-nerd skin-erd – LYNRYD SKYNRYD
49 – Toys in the attic – AEROSMITH
48 – Metallica (black album) – METALLICA
47 – Anthems of a degeneration – MILLION $ RELOAD
46 – Jailbreak – THIN LIZZY
45 – Highway to hell – AC/DC
44 – Highway 61 revisited – BOB DYLAN
43 – Van halen – VAN HALEN
42 – Pet sounds – THE BEACH BOYS
41 – Dookie – GREEN DAY
40 – A hard days night – THE BEATLES
39 – Hot fuss – THE KILLERS
38 – Exile on main street – THE ROLLING STONES
37 – The joshua tree – U2
36 – Ok computer – RADIOHEAD
35 – In rock – DEEP PURPLE
34 – Bat out of hell – MEATLOAF
33 – Led zepellin II – LED ZEPELLIN

The Joshua tree by U2

32 – Imagine – JOHN LENNON
31 – Rictchie Blackmore’s rainbow – RAINBOW
30 – For those about to rock (we salute you) – AC/DC
29 – Born to run – BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN
27 – The white album – THE BEATLES
26 – Fire and water – FREE
25 – Paranoid – BLACK SABBATH
24 – Let it be – THE BEATLES
23 – A night at the opera – QUEEN
22 – Brothers in arms – DIRE STRAITS
21 – Number of the beast – IRON MAIDEN