Album review : Foxy Shazam, Church of Rock & Roll

Credit has to go to Classic Rock magazine for putting me in touch with this band.  I’ll be honest, I had never heard of them before I listened to Welcome to the Church of Rock & Roll  on one of their free cd’s.  I am now addicted.  Granted, when I first listened to this album, I wasn’t sure – it is very unique and an album that you have to “get into” so to speak.  But once you get past that initial barrier it is truly a joy to behold.

What was that?  This is their 4th album?  Let’s get the wallet out…..

Foxy Shazam - Church of Rock & Roll1.  Welcome to the Church of Rock & Roll
What a way to start an album!  mesmerizing, unique, high-pitched rock and roll.  This could be the church of rock and roll – an absolute classic!  9/10

2.  I Like It
This track should be called “I Love It”.  Genuinely don’t know why, I have never heard anything like it before – it’s a grower but slowly becoming my favourite.  8/10

3.  Holy Touch
The tracks keep coming with this uniquely brilliant.  Eric Sean Nally’s vocals are breathtaking on this track.  8/10

4.  Last Chance At Love
A hint of Queen, and a more pop-rock ensemble from the Ohio band, still solid tho.  7/10

5.  Forever Together
Simply bizarre, but uniquely brilliant.  8/10

6.  (It’s) Too Late Baby
Best song on the album, and that takes some doing.  The emotion in this track takes your breath away.  9/10

7.  I Wanna be Yours
A hint of slow-punk, electronic and once again Queen.  Trying to explain this album is proving tricky.  7/10

8.  Wasted Feelings
Hmmmm, Jimmy Somerfield anyone?  Very 80’s feel, but hugely entertaining and catchy.  7/10

9.  The Temple
Starts off dirty, even slightly Sabbath-esque and turns into Muse.  Not sure about this one?!?  5/10

10.  The Streets
Thought this album was going to fizzle out and come to a disappointing end.  Oh no……  7/10

11.  Freedom
A delightful, mellow ending to a terrific album.  8/10


Album review : Fill your head with Rock by Bonafide

Fill your head with rock by Bonafide

A big thanks to Classic Rock magazine once again for putting me in contact with rock band Bonafide, and their little gem of an album Fill your head with Rock.

As you probably now, CR give away a free CD with every issue of their mag, and every time I find a little pearler or two which make me go out and purchase their album.  On this occasion it was the title track to Bonafide’s album which was released on the 28 January this year.

1.  Fill your head with Rock – I might be out on a limb here, but I suspect their influences include AC/DC, as the opening track has a very distinct feeling of For those about to rock (we salute you).  Not that’s a bad thing.  Most certainly not.  Fill your head is a very, very good track and a track that certainly takes you back to the glory days of the 70’s.  It’s a thunderous start to an album.  9/10.

2.  No doubt about it – Great drums, great rift, great vocals.  Crumbs he sounds like Brian Johnson.  Backing vocals kick in – very DC.  Great song, but seems to be lacking a big chorus.  7/10.

3.  Kick me out – Now we are talking, this is proper rock and roll.  Pontus Snibb’s vocal range is really excelled here.  Just found out they are swedish.  8/10.

4.  I don’t need a doctor – Again, if you like rock ‘n’ roll, there is nothing to dislike here.  The riffs are dirty, the lyrics are intriguing and I believe they have a hidden meaning?  Very clever.  7/10.

5.  Can’t explain – Now anyone that is planning to cover a classic song by The Who needs to be careful.  This could have gone horribly wrong, but it’s not too bad actually.  Granted it’s not a patch on the original and it’s very similar to it, but it’s not too bad.  6/10.

6.  Nice boys (don’t play rock ‘n’ roll) – Back to form with the final track – a great finale to an all-in-all very good rock and roll album.  8/10

Now if you are missing a bit of 70’s rock then I suggest you go out and give this album a go.  They are a bon-a-fide rock group.  Check out their website –

Album review: Anthems of a Degeneration – Million $ Reload

Anthems of a Degeneration by Million Dollar Reload

Ok, here is my first album review.  I have gone for a band that i have recently discovered courtesy of Classic Rock magazine.

‘Anthems of a Degeneration’ by Million Dollar Reload is quite simply one of the best debut albums of all time.  That is no exaggeration.  Apart from ‘Appetite for Destruction’, ‘Jagged Little Pill’, ‘TNT’ and a few others this has to be up there.  Trust me, it’s that good!

Classic Rock advised me that it’s a combination of AC/DC and Guns ‘N’ Roses – a thought that appealed to me straight away, and it didn’t disappoint!  From the blistering opening track ‘Superslave’ to the final track ‘International Anthem’ it takes you back through time on a rock ‘n’ roll adventure.  An album that wouldn’t have been out-of-place in the 70’s heyday, with the freshness and rawness that will appeal to new rock fans.

1Superslave – Blistering opening track that will get you hooked from the very first note.  8/10.

2.  Tattoos and Dirty Girls – It doesn’t ease up with Tattoos.  Pure unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll.  9/10.

3Livin’ in the City – Phil’s vocals coupled with stunning riff’s create a masterpiece which keeps getting better and better.  9/10.

4.  Goodnight New York – Very AC/DC.  Never a bad thing – surely they can’t keep this pace up..?  8/10.

Million Dollar Reload - the band!

5The Last Icon – A tribute of sorts to rock legends such as Lennon and Hendrix.  Melodic, raw and a more blues feel to this.  Stunning vocals once again.  9/10.

6.  Freeloader – After a breather of sorts with ‘The Last Icon’, we are back to the heavy stuff again.  You can’t help but headbang!  It’s at time like this I wish I had long hair.  Hmmmm, now there’s an idea…..7/10.

7.  You Can’t Stop me from Flying – Starts off slow (by M$R standards) and then absolutely bursts into pure rock.  Slowly becoming my favourite song on the album.  9/10.

8.  Give it All – A grower.  Seems to get lost between tracks 7 and 8.  Give it the attention it deserves and will soon become a firm favourite.  8/10.

9.  Keep Holding On – Pure class.  10/10.

10. Fire Your Guns – Weakest track on the album, but still a very decent rock and roll track.  Hope it’s not gonna pitter out..?  6/10.

11. International Anthem – It doesn’t.  Back to their best, great way to end a cracking 46mins.  8/10.

Official Rock Countdown rating – 9/10.  Buy this awesome album now on >>