Top 100 rock vocalists : 2 Ian Gillan

2.  Ian Gillan (Deep Purple)
After watching countless live dvd’s and clips on YouTube , and then finally seeing the master live in Birmingham, I have come to the conclusion that Gillan is an absolute legend.  I always knew that but seeing him live just re-iterated this fact…..the guy didn’t miss one note!  And he is in his 60’s!  He hasn’t quite got the mobility and stage presence he once had but who cares?  He blew me away…..from the opening track Highway Star through classics such as Black Knight, Woman from Tokyo and of course Smoke on the Water it was 2 hours of pure rock and roll heaven.

We bow in your presence Mr Gillan….


Top 100 rock vocalists : 16 Glenn Hughes

16 – Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, solo, Black Country Communion)

Another true great whom I have recently seen live and met in the process – what a top quality bloke (despite being a Wolves fan)!  A true gent and my oh my what a vocal range he has got.  Black Country Communion’s (Hughes’ new supergroup with Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham and Derek Sheehan) version of Deep Purple’s Burn was quite simply breathtaking, along with some stunning tracks from the self-titled first album from BCC.  BCC2 does not quite match it, but Hughes is back!!  That can only be good for rock music….

Too many great albums, so little time…

Habits by Neon Trees - recently purchased

I have recently purchased a number of rock albums which I plan to review in the next few weeks.  There are so many great rock bands at the moment.  BCC, Avenged Sevenfold, Bonafide, Million $ Reload to name a few, many classic rock bands still going strong – AC/DC, Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple.  Plus many bands making comebacks like Def Leppard, Mr Big and Warrant.

But, the most fascinating aspect of the rock industry at the moment is the emergence of a number of great bands who are re-inventing the wheel.

So, I have purchased Habits by Neon Trees, We Stitch These Wounds by the Black Veil Brides, The Heart of Everything by Within Temptation, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Black Stone Cherry and American Slang by The Gaslight Anthem, which I do plan to review – so keep checking back!

It’s going to be a fun few weeks, I can’t wait….

Top 100 rock vocalists : 50 – 41

  50.  Liam Gallagher (Oasis, Beady Eye)

The presence he commands on stage is second to none.  Not the greatest singer as such, but a rock vocalist top 100 would be a lesser place without Liam.

  49.  Frank Zappa (Mothers of Invention)

Weirdly wonderful.  That is all.  I don’t have to justify it, ok?


  48.  Meatloaf

Oh dear.  This may cause some controversy…….he may not look the part, but you cannot help sing to every word of Bat out of hell and I would do anything for love……..admit it.


  47.  Paul Stanley (Kiss)

Somebody once said “no-one likes Kiss”.  Well, I do.  In fact, I really like them, and I love the vocals of Paul Stanley – especially on Forever, Love Gun, Beth and God gave rock and roll to you.

  46.  Alice Cooper

After recently witnessing Alice Cooper at Download Festival 2011 I have found a new respect for the hellraiser.  His presence on stage was quite remarkable and that’s exactly what you need from a front man.  Is he a front man?  Or is he a solo artist?  Answers on a postcard please….

  45.  Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Despite his recently formed facial hair which quite frankly looks ridiculous, Kiedis still remains one of the most recognisable lead singers of the last 20-odd years.  By the Way and Califofnication have been the band’s top albums to date, but Kiedis excels himself on Under the Bridge.

  44.  Brandon Flowers (The Killers)

Very tough to separate Kiedis and Flowers in my opinion, and having seen them both live I would come to the conclusion that Kiedis has more presence but Flowers has the slightly better voice.  But only just…

 43.  David Lee Roth (Mammoth, Van Halen, Cinderella)

Legendary Van Halen singer, Roth needs no introduction.  Nor does he need justification on being here.  Gene Simmonds had hoped to recruit him for Kiss, but ended up joining Van Halen instead as he had previous links with Eddie and Alex with a band called Mammoth.  This was the best decision he ever made, surely?

 42.  Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones)

Now, I am sure a lot of you would place the Rolling Stones catalyst higher than #43.  He certainly has the stage presence, he certainly has the swagger which every lead singer should have, but has he got the voice?  I am not so sure….

 41.  David Coverdale (Deep Purple, Whitesnake)

Lead singer with Deep Purple before he left and created Whitesnake.  He probably had more success with the latter, and they are still going strong today with a UK tour.  A great rock vocalist, but did he beat other DP singers.  You will have to wait and find out….

Top 250 rock albums : Number 3 – Machine Head

Machine Head by Deep Purple

We are down to the final 3.  The 3 best rock albums of all time – can you handle it?

3.  Machine Head – Deep Purple

The original only had 7 tracks on the album, but every track is pure genius.  The 6th album by the biggest rock band in the world (at the time) was released in 1972 and made no.1 in the UK charts, staying there for 20 weeks.  That should tell you something.

Highway Star opens the album at a blistering pace, followed by Maybe I’m a Leo and the stunning Pictures of Home.  Never Before is probably the weakest track on the album, but then comes the simple but brilliant (or is that simply brilliant), Smoke on the Water.  Lazy is quite simply breathtaking (although the live version actually knocks socks off it) and the finale Space Truckin leaves you wanting more, much more.  This is what makes this album so good – it’s the Fawlty Towers of albums.  There were only ever 12 episodes of FT and yet you still watch them over and over again.  It’s the same with Machine Head.

Deep Purple, here we come….

The legendary Deep Purple

Have finally bought my tickets  to see one of my idols, Deep Purple, in Birmingham in November.  After weeks of all talk but no action by myself I have finally talked the talk and purchased 3 tickets for myself and 2 friends.

I am soooooo excited it is unreal.  Granted, Ritchie Blackmore is not involved with the band anymore byt hey ho.  Messrs Gillan, Glover and Paice will be playing so I am more than happy with that!

My gig “list” now consists of AC/DC, Deep Purple, Oasis, Stereophonics, Green Day, Black Country Communion (well Glenn Hughes), Faithless, Hard-Fi, The Prodigy, the Killers, Eminem, D12, All Star Superstar and Paul McCartney.  Hopefully will add Whitesnake, Iron Maiden and Led Zep to that soon……

Top 250 rock albums : 50 – 21

Into the top 50….

Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-erd by Lynryd Skynryd

50 – Pronounced leh-nerd skin-erd – LYNRYD SKYNRYD
49 – Toys in the attic – AEROSMITH
48 – Metallica (black album) – METALLICA
47 – Anthems of a degeneration – MILLION $ RELOAD
46 – Jailbreak – THIN LIZZY
45 – Highway to hell – AC/DC
44 – Highway 61 revisited – BOB DYLAN
43 – Van halen – VAN HALEN
42 – Pet sounds – THE BEACH BOYS
41 – Dookie – GREEN DAY
40 – A hard days night – THE BEATLES
39 – Hot fuss – THE KILLERS
38 – Exile on main street – THE ROLLING STONES
37 – The joshua tree – U2
36 – Ok computer – RADIOHEAD
35 – In rock – DEEP PURPLE
34 – Bat out of hell – MEATLOAF
33 – Led zepellin II – LED ZEPELLIN

The Joshua tree by U2

32 – Imagine – JOHN LENNON
31 – Rictchie Blackmore’s rainbow – RAINBOW
30 – For those about to rock (we salute you) – AC/DC
29 – Born to run – BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN
27 – The white album – THE BEATLES
26 – Fire and water – FREE
25 – Paranoid – BLACK SABBATH
24 – Let it be – THE BEATLES
23 – A night at the opera – QUEEN
22 – Brothers in arms – DIRE STRAITS
21 – Number of the beast – IRON MAIDEN

Top 250 rock albums : 100 – 51

Black Country Communion

Well, we are here in the top 100 rock albums of all time.  You will not agree with my choices, and I wouldn’t expect you too, so feel free to let me know your choices/thoughts/rants or whatever.  Here goes, the top 100…..

100 – Whatever people say i am that’s what i’m not – ARCTIC MONKEYS
99 – Document – R.E.M
97 – Hysteria – DEF LEPPARD
96 – Little immaculate white fox – PEARL
95 – Black country communion – BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION
94 – Superunknown – SOUNDGARDEN
93 – I got dem ol’ kozmic blues – JANIS JOPLIN
92 – At filmore east – THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND
91 – Blonde on blonde – BOB DYLAN
90 – The bends – RADIOHEAD
89 – The allman brothers band – THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND
88 – Black sabbath – BLACK SABBATH
87 – Rocks – AEROSMITH
86 – Every picture tells a story – ROD STEWART
85 – Buffalo Springfield – BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD
84 – Ten – PEARL JAM
83 – Creedence Clearwater Revival – CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL
82 – Johnny the fox – THIN LIZZY
81 – Band on the run – PAUL MCCARTNEY & WINGS
80 – Be here now – OASIS
79 – Are you experienced? – THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE
78 – A design for life – MANIC STREET PREACHERS
77 – Help! – THE BEATLES
76 – Costello music – THE FRATELLIS
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Welcome to Rock Countdown!

Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple, BBC fame

Me with the legend that is Glenn Hughes

Welcome to my Rock Countdown blog.  My name is Paul Smith and I have a very keen interest in music.  Mainly rock music.  Mainly classic rock for that matter, and the purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts on the best and worst in all aspects of music in the form of a countdown or a top 10, top 50 etc – whatever I feel like at the time really!

Anyway, my musical influences are classic rock bands like Led Zepellin, The Ramones, Deep Purple, Rainbow, The Kinks and AC/DC to name but a few, but have also flirted with many genres such as hip hop, garage, r&b, disco, country, folk, jazz and even some cheesy pop music.  So, I am quite broad-minded when it comes to music!  Saying that, I will be concentrating on the classic rock side of the musical industry to start off, as that’s what I am comfortable with and to be honest, have a wider knowledge of.

You readers and fellow bloggers won’t always agree with what I have to say, but it would be quite boring if you did to be honest!  So any feedback and opinions are greatly appreciated!

I am going to start off with a biggie – I have thought long and hard about this……this is my top 250 rock albums of all time….starting with the countdown from 250 – 201.

Let there be ROCK….