Blast from the past – Tutti Frutti by Little Richard


Top 100 rock vocalists : 40 – 31

  40.  Bob Dylan

Ok, I may be being a slight hypocrite here, as Dylan did not have a great voice by any stretch of the imagination.  But, the voice seemed (and still does) to work for the blues/folk tunes he was and still is producing.  A legend in his own right and an artist I would still love to see live.

  39.  Phil Conalane (Million $ Reload)

You may not have heard of Phil Conalane yet, but in time you will I am sure.  His band, Million $ Reload are going to be huge – check out my review of their album Anthems of a Regeneration.  Conalane has a truly remarkable voice – powerful, endearing, heartfelt and his range is phenomenal.  You have been warned.

  38.  Chuck Berry

He wanted Beethoven to roll over, played with his ding-a-ling and reckoned a certain Mr B. Goode could play the guitar just like a ringing a bell.  Berry was supposed to perform in my hometown of Swansea a few years back at the tender age of 82 – I was gutted when he pulled out.  A true rock ‘n’ roll legend.

  37.  Robbie Robertson (The Band)

He looked like a hillbilly (can I say that?), he sounded like one, in fact he may have been one – who knows?  It certainly worked.  The Band were the deep south’s version of the Rolling Stones, and Robertson was a genius songwriter as well as vocalist.

  36.  Little Richard

In the same vain is Chuck Berry, only difference is that Little Richard had a superior voice.  Tutti Fruitti anyone?

  35.  Jim Morrison (The Doors)

The front man of The Doors, Morrison sadly passed away at the tender age of 27 and his loss was a travesty to music.  He had the looks, the swagger, the personality and most importantly the voice.

  34.  Ray Davies (The Kinks)

The Kinks had legendary status in the 60’s, and the reason for that was the ingenious song writing skills of brothers Ray and Dave Davies, while they both had a pop and singing it was Ray’s voice that really captured the moment of each song.

  33.  James Hetfield (Metallica)

Whether you loathe or adore Metallica, you cannot ignore them.  They haven’t been around for 25 years for nothing.  Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield are the stars of the show.

  32.  David Bowie

Watching him perform as Ziggy Stardust actually really creeps me out.  As does most of his music if I am honest.  Still a great singer tho…

  31.  Eric Clapton (Cream, Derek & the Dominoes, Travelling Whillbury’s, solo)

Slow hand himself is regarded as one of the best guitarists there is, and they would be right.  He is.  He also can sing.  And play the drums, mouth organ, piano, xylophone, triangle and spoons.  Is there no end to this mans talents?