Album review : Foxy Shazam, Church of Rock & Roll

Credit has to go to Classic Rock magazine for putting me in touch with this band.  I’ll be honest, I had never heard of them before I listened to Welcome to the Church of Rock & Roll  on one of their free cd’s.  I am now addicted.  Granted, when I first listened to this album, I wasn’t sure – it is very unique and an album that you have to “get into” so to speak.  But once you get past that initial barrier it is truly a joy to behold.

What was that?  This is their 4th album?  Let’s get the wallet out…..

Foxy Shazam - Church of Rock & Roll1.  Welcome to the Church of Rock & Roll
What a way to start an album!  mesmerizing, unique, high-pitched rock and roll.  This could be the church of rock and roll – an absolute classic!  9/10

2.  I Like It
This track should be called “I Love It”.  Genuinely don’t know why, I have never heard anything like it before – it’s a grower but slowly becoming my favourite.  8/10

3.  Holy Touch
The tracks keep coming with this uniquely brilliant.  Eric Sean Nally’s vocals are breathtaking on this track.  8/10

4.  Last Chance At Love
A hint of Queen, and a more pop-rock ensemble from the Ohio band, still solid tho.  7/10

5.  Forever Together
Simply bizarre, but uniquely brilliant.  8/10

6.  (It’s) Too Late Baby
Best song on the album, and that takes some doing.  The emotion in this track takes your breath away.  9/10

7.  I Wanna be Yours
A hint of slow-punk, electronic and once again Queen.  Trying to explain this album is proving tricky.  7/10

8.  Wasted Feelings
Hmmmm, Jimmy Somerfield anyone?  Very 80’s feel, but hugely entertaining and catchy.  7/10

9.  The Temple
Starts off dirty, even slightly Sabbath-esque and turns into Muse.  Not sure about this one?!?  5/10

10.  The Streets
Thought this album was going to fizzle out and come to a disappointing end.  Oh no……  7/10

11.  Freedom
A delightful, mellow ending to a terrific album.  8/10


Top 250 rock albums : The winner

Back in Black by AC/DC

So, what is the greatest rock album of all time?  Well, do you know what the 2nd biggest worldwide selling album of all time is?  Only 2nd to Michael Jackson’s Thriller?  No?  Then I will tell you.  This might come as a surprise to you…..are you ready…?

Back in Black by AC/DC.

It’s not a surprise to me, as Back in Black is THE best album that has ever been released.  Every song has something that sets it apart from it’s predecessors.  As soon as the bells kick in on the opening track Hells Bells you know it’s gonna be a cracker.  The title track Back in Black, Shoot to Thrill, Let me put my love into you and What do you do for money, honey?  are classics in their own right, however, it’s Givin’ the Dog a Bone and the ingenious You Shook Me All Night Long that turn Back in Black from a contender into the world champion.


I see Back in Back as a tribute, of sorts, to the late, great Bon Scott who tragically died before the making of this album, and you can tell in some of the lyrics especially Back in Black and Givin’ the Dog a Bone that this would right up Scott’s street.  Now, his replacement Brian Johnson will never quite live up to the former Aussie front man, but he is a more than capable replacement and his very first album with DC is by far his best vocals.

All in all, a quite magnificent album and a well worthy winner of the title ‘greatest rock album of all time’.  Respect.

Top 250 rock albums : Number 2 – Led Zeppelin IV

Led Zeppelin IV by Led Zeppelin

2.  Led Zeppelin IV – Led Zeppelin

I’m sure not many of you will argue (actually, you probably will) that Led Zep IV is their best album to date, yes?  Well it is.  End of.  The album is pure genius.

It is probably one of the most talked about albums also.  Not only because of the music, but the name of the album!  Is it called IV, the fourth album, four symbols or the Four Symbols logo ?  With Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham and Jon-Paul Jones all coming up with a symbol of their own.

IV is the 3rd best-selling album in the US ever, and has sold over 32 million worldwide.  Wow!  Every single rock album chart will have IV near the top of the pile, and I am no different.

Black Dog kicks off the album in ferocious style, with the speed not letting up with the enigmatic Rock and Roll (one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever written).  Fellow classics When the Levee Breaks, The Battle of Evermore and of course Stairway to Heaven confirms Led Zep IV as one of the greatest, just missing out on the top spot…..